Multiple Topics vs One Topic for an Affiliate Blog

Q: Should I have one blog site with several subjects or one domain per subject?

 Shawn Collins ASE19

A: There is no proper method to establish and run a blog site. One essential thing is that if you cover numerous subjects I would suggest that they have something that connects them together.

For circumstances, if you wished to blog about the city you reside in and promote associated affiliate links, it would make good sense to cover news, sports, politics, etc all on that website.

But a blog site that attempts to be whatever, without some general style connecting it together, will not have an audience.

Do you understand the old stating, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? That’s not an excellent method for a blog site, due to the fact that you can basically change “master” with “audience”.

My blog sites generally have one clear subject and after that posts are broken down to 5 approximately various classifications.

For circumstances, my website 512. soccer was developed as a fan website for the upcoming Major League Soccer group, Austin FC. A lot of my links are for Austin FC product on

But I likewise point out other soccer-related items and news, so I’ll connect out to Amazon and other locations, too.

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