IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test in July, 2016 & Sample Essay – topic : Food waste

Every day, countless lots of food are lost all over the world. Why do you believe this is taking place? And how can we fix this issue?

.Overview:.Intro.Reiterate the issue.Thesis declaration (point out the factors and the services to the issue).2. Body.

Food waste might be arised from a variety of aspects.

.Different approaches utilized by food producers motivate individuals to thoughtlessly take in food.As the standard of life is greater, the gratitude of food has actually been reduced.  ielts current real test 2020

Various steps might be executed to prevent squandering food.

.The federal government must improve the general public awareness of the significance of utilizing food financially.Rigorous laws need to be presented to prohibit food waste at locations such as dining establishments or grocery stores.3. Conclusion.Paraphrase the intro.If the scenario alters or continues, state what will take place. writingtask2EbookIELTS Writing Recent Actual Test (Task 2) 2020 with Sample Answers-Ebook.

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There has actually been an ever-increasing pattern that individuals dispose of an extreme quantity of food waste from all corners of the world. This concern can be credited a multitude of factors and it need to be dealt with by guaranteed actions.

Reasons for the concern differ. The main factor is because of the greater standard of life which leads to the devaluation of food concerned as a physiological requirement in Maslow’s Hierarchy. Another clear factor is that youths who offset practically haft of the world population have not been cultivated a gratitude of food from the previous generation. This comes down to the rapid increase in food waste in the last few years. These 2 primary factors has actually added to the food loss which happens in all parts of the world.

A vast array of strong steps need to be executed to fight food waste. This very first option is that the federal government can establish some action prepares to raise customers’ awareness of food gratitude and ending up being a more mindful customer &&conscious eater. This might be done by getting individuals associated with worldwide food projects such as Think.Eat.Save anti-food waste project. In concerns to food sellers, they can provide an assisting hand by dispersing leaflets or posters to every consumers when they encounter any shopping center, food grocery store, etc or sticking posters on the dining establishments to motivate consumers to utilize food financially and end up being a leftovers expert. These discussed steps can certainly assist form a sustainable future.

To conclude, there are apparent reasons there is a substantial magnitude of food waste on much of the world. This unfavorable pattern might be taken on by a variety of solutions, such as improving the general public awareness of the significance of utilizing food financially with the aid of the federal government and food merchants.

Band 6.5 Sample:.

People all over the world are losing a big quantity of food every day while others do not have adequate food for their lives. There are some aspects that result in this issue, and I think efficient services would must be proposed quickly to tackle this concern.

To start with, there are numerous factors that make individuals lose a great deal of food. As individuals are getting richer nowadays, their gratitude for food is ending up being progressively low. This results in the reality that they typically order a lot of meals, particularly pricey ones. As an outcome, the quantity of left-overs is big. Individuals tend to consume too much alcohol such as champagne, beer and red wine, which triggers them to feel woozy and worn out. They would take in just a little food. If they consume non-alcoholic drink, they may have much better control of their habits in addition to have a well-served meal.

Fortunately, some steps might be required to avoid this issue. The very first option would be to motivate dining establishments to charge on clients who have redundant food on their plates. This might favorably impacts their idea prior to buying. In some Japanese dining establishments, if you leave any food on the plates, you would have to pay 20% more as a fine. In addition, media ought to report more about food scarcity in some denied locations like Africa or Asia and the status of food-wasting phenomenon, which enables individuals to have more info about lives of the bad and the amount of food squandered every day all around the world. As an outcome, awareness of conserving and valuing food would slowly be raised amongst the general public.

In conclusion, squandering food, which is a bad practice, is ending up being significantly typical, is a bad practice and actions need to be taken as quickly as possible to resolve this problem.

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