How To Help Out Small Businesses During Social Distancing

We’re experiencing a tricky time that is fairly unprecedented. The idea of social distancing makes every extravert cringe, every newly established homeschool mom have a small panic inside — and devastatingly, every small business owner is wondering if they’ll be able to ride the storm.

The thing that sets this economic event aside from ANY other economic event in history is the fact that, even though we can’t physically communicate in person, we can still communicate online.

And for small businesses across the world, that is the silver lining.

So here’s the rallying cry! Our wedding brand works with vendors across the country, so we’re seeing first hand how event cancelations, changing dates, and restricted services are stifling projected growth. We’re doing everything we can to help, and if you need help please reach out! Our team is working extra hard during this time to think through and act on helping the people who were bold enough to step out on their own and create beautiful things. After all, that’s how we started!

You’ve seen it all over your feeds and we’re joining in on the call! Support your favorite small businesses! Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.
1. Reach Out
This can go without saying, but reach out to your friends and family who you know have looming overheads to cover, inventory to store and employees to care for. These brave people could use even the smallest gesture of intentionality.  It can be some snail mail, a text or even a DM! Ask them what they need, and see what you can do to help.
2. Shop Online
If you have a friend who does stationary work, maybe now’s a good time to order some personal cards and envelopes, or heck even your Christmas cards! There are a lot of clothing stores that have an online presence, so snag a shirt or two. Know that the things you order may not come immediately in perfect timing, but any purchase you make helps keep them afloat when people can’t come to their physical stores anymore.
3.  Supporting Trade Business
These guys are seemingly easier to support because of the lack of storefront, but they feel the hurt too! What services do you use? If you can keep using them, do! Whether it’s a bug guy who comes and sprays your house biweekly or an electrician who fixes your lights, don’t overlook these small business owners. They’ve got employees and overhead they’re having to cover as well, so any little project you can have done goes a long way.
4. Supporting Food Businesses
The local restaurant industry is perhaps getting hit the hardest. Not only do they have locational overhead, but they have food that’s not getting eaten, employees that aren’t getting hours and kitchens that aren’t getting used. Stock up on some gift cards! Maybe go ahead and grab your Christmas presents early this year and get a couple of gift cards for your friends and family. Or, if you’re really feeling generous, think about buying some gift cards to give out to families or other small business owners who are feeling the economic hurt. It’s cash for the restaurant and a meal for a family who needs it. Whatever you can do helps.
5. Loving On Your Favorite Coffee Shop
Along with restaurants, these guys are feeling the loss from social distancing. If you’re a regular at a certain coffee spot, you can also get a gift card! Or, now that you’re making coffee at home, check to see if you can buy and coffee beans from your favorite spot! A lot of local coffee places have their own roast these days, and even though you can’t go in for your morning latte, stocking up on some beans can help mend the gap while you’re away….and it makes your home coffee taste much, much better.
6. Using Your Social Media
To our point earlier, it is honestly an odd time of isolation because while we’re physically in different places, we’re still all in this together online, and it’s an open forum of discussion. We’ve seen so many beautiful things unfold online and watched SO many people support those around them, and honestly, it’s the one good thing to come out of all of this. So we encourage you to join in! Your social media is NEVER too small or too personal to make a difference. A little shoutout to your favorite local kid’s store or monogramming shop goes a long way to keep supporting them top of mind.
7. Pay For It Anyways
This one is harder to suggest, but it’s one that makes a big difference. We’ve seen this idea floating around Instagram, and with sobering respect, we’re adding it to the list. When economies feel unstable like this, the first response is to put a pause on spending and cut expenses that aren’t necessary.  The idea of “pay for it anyways” is, in essence, honoring appointments, services and other things that were scheduled before this happened and even if the service isn’t provided due to the call for social distancing, paying for the service anyways. If it’s already allotted in your budget and you can handle incurring the cost, this is an amazing way to help keep money flowing through the economy.

If you have a nail appointment you don’t feel comfortable attending anymore, pay for it anyways.
If you have a dentist appointment you no longer can go to, pay for it anyways
If you have a hair appointment that you’re no longer getting, pay for it anyways
If you have a home service that you want to cancel for safety, pay for it anyways

We’re all in this thing together, but this time more than any other — we are all able to unite around each other digitally and continue rallying around those who are affected most.




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