Election results suggest that San Diego might never get that Convention Center expansion

Meanwhile, with whatever else going on the planet, you might have missed out on another quite substantial story for comic-con culture. Last Tuesday’s elections consisted of a vote in San Diego on Measure C, a large varying proposition that would have, amongst other things, enabled a hotel space tax to money a $850 million expension of the San Diego Convention. The meaure would likewise have actually raised $2 billion in bonds to assist with San Diego’s homeless issue.

As of today, the procedure stopped working – – although it got 63.55% of the vote it required a 67% super-majority to pass.

As normal, Forbes’ Rob Salkowitz has the lead up, and the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Lori Weisberg and Gary Warth have the post-mortem .

Salkowitz keeps in mind that over the last few years, a growth of the SDCC was viewed as big increase to the regional economy – – and naturally would have permitted the city’s biggest occasion to get back at larger:

A 2018 report provided by the Convention Center approximated that Comic-Con alone contributed $147 million to the local economy out of an overall of $1.1 billion created by all conventions, trade convention and neighborhood occasions. The 2nd biggest occasion, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, clocked in at 60.4 million.

As somebody who has actually long reported on the con, and long back declares that it generated far less than expert events, it’s good to see this truth acknowledged.

Although CCI, the company which places on Comic-Con, and regional mayoral prospects supported the procedure – – together with the Hyatt, the Hilton, the Marriott and the Padres – – numerous were arrayed versus Measure C:

At the very same time, Measure C, which needs a 2/3 bulk, has produced opposition from civic groups stating the propositions are too broad, the monetary forecasts too positive, and the whole procedure contrived and too nontransparent. Challengers consist of the San Diego Republican Party, numerous anti-tax groups, and benefactor Michael McConnell, who argues the proposition does not go far enough to attend to the homeless crisis. McConnell has actually invested a minimum of $370,000 prompting a No vote.

According to Weisberg and Warth, this might be completion of the path for efforts to money a convention center growth (there’s still a really slim possibility that when advance votes arecounted they might press the procedure over the goal however it’s extremely, really slim.)

A conference of Measure C union members, consisting of agents from the tourist market, company neighborhood and arranged labor, might occur as early as Friday to go over how to regroup. San Diego Tourism Authority CEO Joe Terzi on Wednesday hesitated to reveal all the possible choices under factor to consider however acknowledged there is no precise technique for possibly reanimating the growth job.

““ No matter what we do, the method forward is not almost as clear as what it was previously,” ” stated Terzi, who has actually long argued, as have others, that the bayfront center is losing on numerous financially rewarding conventions that are going to competing cities with bigger places. ““ We ’ ll speak with lawyers, speak to the (hotelier-run) Tourism Marketing District, the committee and the market. We prepared for getting a two-thirds bulk and didn’’ t have a Plan B, so the (project) committee will take a seat for a couple of minutes and think of what our next actions are, if any.””


One other dim hope: a court may topple the concept that a supermajority is required to pass the procedure. California courts have actually been blended in choices on the subject in the past, nevertheless, and simply who would spend for the court fight is uncertain.

A procedure to money the growth was in fact authorized by hoteliers all the method back in 2012, however courts ruled that it required to be put to the general public to vote on. After more machinations than I have time to compose or you have perseverance to check out, this vote was lastly held today, and although a clear bulk supported the concept…… it was not a very bulk.

While Comic-Con would be the # 1 recipient of the long longed for growth, it would assist the center draw other big programs. Still, having more space to place on the granddaddy of comic-cons would have been amazing. Without any more space to use up, CCI needs to seek to other methods to raise cash, and off-sites can just seduce a lot of guests.

And with this step relatively dead in the water, the actual property where the expension would have gone might quickly be put to another usage, Weisberg and Warth report:

Still an open concern as Measure C backers wait for a last, main decision on the vote count is the fate of the bayfront website where the convention center growth would have been developed. Long time port renters Ray Carpenter and Art Engel, who presently manage what is called the Fifth Avenue Landing home, still have strategies to develop a $300 million hotel complex there, although they had actually consented a number of years ago to pull back from their job and turn over their leasehold in return for a multi-million-dollar payment need to citizens authorize the hotel tax boost.

The job might come prior to San Diego port commissioners in May or early summer season, Port of San Diego spokesperson Brianne Page stated Wednesday. Carpenter and Engel, she stated, have actually sent the info needed by the port and its personnel is presently evaluating that.

I didn’t suggest to dispose another sinking sensation on you, however it appears like the San Diego convention center is going to remain the method it is for the forseeable future and SDCC will stay the congested shangri-la its been for the last years.

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