Am I Too Young to Write? 6 Tips for Young Writers

““ I ’ m a teen. Am I too young to compose a book? ”


I get this concern a lot. The response is no, you’’ re not too young to compose.


 Are You Too Young to Write? 6 Tips for Young Writers

The reality is most authors want they had actually begun more youthful. You can compose if you can string sentences together.

.If you’’ re asking if you’’ re too young to compose,’you ’ re most likely currently an author.

I technically began composing when I’was 5 or 6. I ’d make detailed books out of building and construction paper and my mommy would fold and essential them together. I kept composing on and off throughout my early and teenage adult years while I was on a track to do something else with my life.

Writing was more of a leisure activity for me at that point. Not something I took seriously. And certainly not something my moms and dads took seriously. Composing isn’’ t what a great deal of “individuals would call a “ genuine task. ” I didn ’ t put a great deal of effort into my composing up until I was twenty-five.

I’’d been composing for twenty years at that point. I was currently an author and had actually been the majority of my life, I’’d simply never ever understood it previously. Recalling, I want I had actually been more major about it at a more youthful age.

.6 Tips for Young Writers.

If you understand you wish to be an author now, here are some truths and ideas to assist you start:

.Idea # 1: You require to check out. Even the dull things.

This is a pointer for all authors, however a lot more so for those more youthful hopeful authors. You need to check out. Check out extensively. Check out every book you can get your hands on. Those books are your writing classes. Research study them. Take notice of syntax, circulation, discussion, whatever. The more you check out, the more natural writing will concern you due to the fact that you’’ ll currently understand the standard concept of how to compose a story.

Some books are uninteresting, like most likely whatever your English instructor is designating you. Read them anyhow. Those books are classics for a factor. And you never ever understand, you may simply wind up liking among them.

.Idea # 2: Write all the time.

I wear’’ t believe I ’ ve ever been as hectic as I was when I remained in school. With research and extracurriculars and buddies, there’’ s not a great deal of time for pastimes.

Writing takes practice. The more youthful you begin, the more practice you’’ ll have and the more youthful you’’ ll be when you get excellent.

I composed in the margins of note pads. I composed on weekends. I composed on the bus. Whenever I could, I composed something, even if it was just a couple lines.

Which brings me to a side point: constantly bring something to compose with. A notetaking app on your phone will work. Simply make certain it supports someplace.

.Idea # 3: Keep whatever.

Right now, you’’ re probably composing random lines and anecdotes. You may begin something and never ever complete it. That’’ s all right! You ’ re knowing.


Don ’ t toss that away. You’’ re event life experiences and bits that you can perhaps utilize later on.

.Suggestion # 4: Write like your preferred author.

This does not suggest plagiarize them. You like their writing for a factor. Research study your preferred author’’ s books much more than others and determine why you like them a lot.

Is it their design? Remains in the category? Attempt to replicate what you like so much about them in your own work.

R.L. Stine was the author I imitated. When I was in between 9 and twelve, I composed about half a lots Fear Street-type books. I completed not a one, however I got the feel for composing by taking his design. Not his words, mind you. Don’’ t plagiarize. Ever.

.Idea # 5: Learn to take criticism like a champ.

If you select to reveal your work to your instructors or buddies, you’’ re most likely going to get some criticism.

Criticism is a huge part of this market and it’’ s something you require to get utilized to. Find out how to make it work for you. Don’’ t ever let it depress you.( Okay, in some cases it depresses me, however I have a pout for a bit and after that get back at it.) Utilize it to enhance your writing.

If somebody states they put on’’ t like your work, inquire what particularly they didn’’ t like. Don ’ t be protective about it; be genuine and open. You desire their aid so that you can enhance. At this moment in your composing profession, enhancement is the primary objective.

.““ Think you’re too young to compose? Compose anyhow. You do not need to release a bestseller today. Enhancement is your primary goal.Tweet this Tip # 6: Do it anyhow.

Like I stated previously, composing isn’’ t what a great deal of individuals would call a genuine task. And for the a lot of part, it doesn’’ t foot the bill. There ’ s a possibility you may not have the ability to take costly composing classes or purchase a lots of books on composing.

Write anyhow.

There are books at the library and lots of suggestions online about composing (like right here on The Write Practice ). There may be a club or composing competitors used through your school. You put on’’ t requirement to hand over a lots of cash to discover how to compose. Checking out is the very best instructor out there.

You most likely will not get released today. Chances are you’’ re going to compose a minimum of 2 books prior to you get released. Which’’ s the best-case circumstance.

You’’ re going to get turned down . It’’ s a reality of the occupation. Rejection takes place to all of us. I’’ ve had half a lots rejections from anthologies currently this year.

When you’’ re very first beginning, you’’ ll get turned down continuously . Don ’ t let that prevent you. It ’ s not individual. It doesn ’ t imply you shouldn ’ t compose.


Keep practicing. You ’ ll enhance and you’ ll get those approvals.


Writing’is not an attractive profession.It ’ s hard. It ’ s mentally draining pipes. It ’ s a great deal of work’for typically really little benefit.


So if you wish to compose to be popular, get that out of your head today. Chances are you won’’ t be. I hope you will, however the opportunities are slim.

The frustrating bulk of authors have a full-time task doing something aside from composing. They need to suit composing time in between working and household time and running errands.

That does not imply you should not compose. Do it anyhow.

.You CAN be an author today.

You’’ re never ever too young to begin practicing writing. It might be an uphill struggle, however whatever is. All professions take work: education, sacrifice, internships, practice.

All of the truths I noted above aren’’ t indicated to dissuade you. They’’ re indicated to put things in point of view. You need to overlook those things and keep progressing.

Here’s my crucial suggestion for young authors: Keep writing. Adhere to it, and the fruits of your labor will settle in the end.

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At what age did you begin composing? Let me understand in t he comments !


Today, take fifteen minutes to compose a scene where the primary character is a teen. Take a couple of minutes to actually believe back prior to you begin composing if it’s been a while given that you were that age. Think of the feelings, the requires and desires, and the dissatisfactions. This must be a really sincere timely, so dig deep.

Share your writing in the remarks and do not forget to talk about your fellow authors’ work!

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