15 Kickass Meet the Team Pages You Need to Check Out

When a visitor pertains to your website and clicks your Meet the Team page, what do they see?

Headshots? A group picture? Absolutely nothing? You must absolutely keep reading if your response is absolutely nothing.

Visitors need to get a sense of what your group resembles after exploring this page. If it’s quite uncertain who they would possibly be dealing with, then it’s time to revamp your Meet the Team page (or develop one in the very first location).

.What Is a Meet the Team Page?

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This page is committed to highlighting your service’s greatest property: your group.

Sometimes viewed as an extension of the About Page, Meet the Team is everything about presenting your visitors to your staff members, supplying openness and a sort of individual touch.

It’s a terrific method to put faces to names and position titles. Today, that’s extremely crucial because clients choose a far more tailored, intimate experience with business they buy from. Long gone are the days of simply casual, impersonal sales .

.Attributes of a Strong Meet the Team Page.

An amazing Meet the Team page mark off all the right boxes:

.It has character.It has lots of quality images and/or graphics, consisting of headshots.It branch off from other cookie-cutter styles.It highlights individuals who comprise your group in both a distinct and expert method.

Remember, the entire point of this page is to assist acquaint possible clients with your personnel. You might be tiring about it, however that’s not the very best method to influence trust and friendship.

Make sure your page distinctively showcases your remarkable group and all of their abilities with enjoyable, useful worker profiles too!

.What Is an Employee Profile?

Employee profiles inform the story of your staff member and their relationship with your business. This is where each staff member can drop their humbleness a bit and boast about their abilities, achievements, and what they give the group.

You can either release an expertly composed profile produced by the business or motivate your employee to compose their own throughout their onboarding procedure .

Regardless of how it’s composed, it needs to constantly consist of these essential information:

.Call.Position/specialty.Years with the business.Pertinent market experience/accomplishments.15 Unique Meet the Team Page Examples.

Below are some business that we believe are doing a kickass task with their Meet the Team site pages. Secure your note pad and discover some motivation of your own.

.1. Lateral.

Lateral is a style and advancement studio that is definitely eliminating it with the style of their group site page. When you very first arrive on the page, you see specific headshots of each staff member.

However, they aren’’ t your basic LinkedIn profile image headshot.

When you look carefully, you’’ ll see that each employee is positioned in such a way that represents their character. They took the typical staff member headshot to an entire brand-new level by making the specific staff member move and communicate in the instructions the mouse relocations. When you highlight a specific individual, everybody else looks towards them –– somewhat weird, however extremely cool.

.2. Etsy.

Chances are, if you go shopping online, then you’’ ve took a look at (and most likely purchased from) Etsy . By taking a look at their group site page, you can inform that the group is comprised of special people, similar to the suppliers that offer on their website.

They begin with a tidy appearance and highlight their management group, however they put on’’ t simply concentrate on the leading pets. You can scroll down and see a collage of all staff member, whose images are highlighted with their name as you scroll over. The message of how their group is ““ adoringly constructed and preserved by these great folks” ” shows their total brand name.

.3. Wistia.

Remember how uncomfortable you felt taking class pictures back in school? Well, Wistia welcomes class pictures and reveals their enjoyable side with their ““ yearbook ” group page.


Each staff member is presented dealing with the ideal side of the screen, like you provided for your senior image. When you hover over the person, you will see them in a range of various positions, acting silly and revealing their character. This is just in “Directory Mode,”.

An extremely interactive “Drum Machine Mode” is the emphasize of this Meet the Team page. Each staff member is related to a particular noise. Mess around and tape your really own tune. Press the play button and view the group’s pictures come to life.

.4. Atlassian.

The Meet the Team page on Atlassian’’ s site is absolutely special– so distinct, that they developed their own individual bobble heads for their management group.

Like standard bobbleheads, these employee’ ’ heads will bobble backward and forward when hovered over. Clicking an employee will raise a more expert headshot, a link to their social accounts, and a short bio.

.5. Targetprocess.

When you initially get to Targetprocess’’ group page, it may appear like your common aerial group shot. When you click on the various group areas like Founders, Marketing, Engineers, Support, and Managers, the fixed image modifications into a video as all the people who are not on that particular group exit the page.

The people left on the group you clicked then group together. It’’ s a terrific interactive method to demonstrate how each group comprises the whole business.

.6. 6tematik.

A French firm, 6tematik , ditches standard headshots with modern-day shapes that have a pop of color for various functions of each employee. From pink glasses to a couple of aqua blue beards, there’’ s a various pop function contributed to each private ’ s image.


It ’ s a various spin on your normal staff member page, which assists them stick out. They likewise have an area on the page where they welcome prospective brand-new hires to satisfy for a cup of coffee. I like it … or should I state ““ J’aime ç a? ”

. 7. Humaan.

Forget standard workplace clothing when it pertains to Humaan’’ s group picture page! Initially glimpse, whatever you see on this page makes it appear like they’re about to go to a murder-mystery celebration or play real-life Clue.

This is not something you’’d normally see from a group image, and it absolutely includes character. As if the very first image wasn’’ t various enough, the remainder of the page has a good time GIFs of each specific staff member to reveal more of their own character. My individual favorite is Matt Boddy –– who does not like Nerf weapons?

.8. FCINQ.

FCINQ’s employee page is vibrant and tidy. You can click specific pictures to see staff member’ names, titles, and social networks links.

FCINQ likewise includes task clusters on their page. If you click “designers,” for instance, those who operate in the establishing classification are highlighted, and all other circles are gone out.

.9. Electric Pulp.

Professional on the outdoors and enjoyable on the within is the style of Electric Pulp’’ s employee page. The page initially appears spick-and-span with white and black headshots of each staff member.

However, as you scroll over each person, the headshot card turns around to reveal an amusing GIF that represents that employee’s character. From Patrick Swayze dancing to a traditional feline GIF, it’’ s an enjoyable and expert method to reveal that these colleagues are major about their task, however they still delight in a little enjoyable occasionally.

.10. Bead Bleu.

Forget whatever you understand about standard group pages when looking a Globule Bleu’’ s site. They begin with a puzzle-looking page, comprised of images from a Lego male to a blow clothes dryer.

When you then click a particular image, it results in an employee’s image comprised by comparable mosaic squares. Rather of bios, however, they have 3 tunes from their Spotify list to highlight their characters.

.11. Stink Studios.

Stink Studios takes a really basic method to its group page. An ever-refreshing page reveals 6 employee at a time. The background color differs, and each image has a little character. When hovered, audiences can see the name and title of each person.

I personally delight in the continuous revitalizing page function: it enables you to focus your attention on simply 6 staff members at a time instead of seeing everyone that works there. The staggered style is distinct and provides a somewhat 3D impact.

.12. Digital Marmalade.

Digital Marmalade shows that it isn’’ t difficult to be both individual and expert on your business group page.

When very first scrolling, you’’ ll notification really cohesive, right-aligned images of each employee. When you choose an employee, a bar chart will turn up and offer business-related details like ““ years in market, ” “ years in DM (Digital Marmalade),” ” and even “ coffee-making abilities.””


The finest part, nevertheless, is the choice to pick different images. Each employee has a market headshot, an individual picture from youth, and a superhero image –– yes, a superhero picture.

With each image, the bar chart modifications to show brand-new details. For “Personal,” you can find out each member’s preferred football group, book, motion picture, food, and so on. For “Superhero,” you will not just find what superhero each member would be, however you can compare their superhero “abilities” such as movement, recovery element, and endurance.

.13. MUV Interactive.

MUV Interactive features an extremely smooth Meet the Team page on their site. Each employee profile supplies a brief, expert bio and a link to their LinkedIn page.

Each member addresses some really crucial concerns like, “Do you remember your very first mobile phone?” and the heated dispute of “Star Trek or Star Wars?” Personal, enjoyable, and downright amusing.

.14. Unfold.

The Meet the Team page on this Norwegian digital firm site follows a minimalistic design. Lots of white area surrounds each member’s details, contributing to the tidy appearance of their website. They kept info minimum by just consisting of each member’s name, work e-mail, classification, and phone number.

Small pops of color are incorporated into Unfold’s style through squares that are put balanced out of each picture. This is a little touch that truly does make a huge distinction, and each color draws your attention throughout the screen to the next staff member’s image.

.15. Bluleadz.

At Bluleadz, we like to flaunt the remarkable individuals who are accountable for keeping our organisation expanding. We area our personnel off into groups and consist of an image and individual description of each member.

The colors on the page follow our design guide and each worker selected a GIF they felt represented who they are. You can likewise get a peek at some trivia concerns and a charming infant image!

.4 Quick Tips for Updating Your Meet the Team Page.

Are you all set to upgrade your group’’ s site page after seeing all of these examples? Including character and being innovative can go a long method in highlighting your hardworking workers. Here are some simple methods you can begin upgrading your page:

.Get silly! Program your character with enjoyable images of your group. Not whatever requires to look as major as a chauffeur’’ s license picture.Share enjoyable truths. Highlight each person’s character with enjoyable truths about each staff member.Narrate. If your business has the ability to develop videos, then it’’ s a fantastic concept to benefit from that and reveal what each staff member does at the business. If you can’’ t do complete video, then GIFs are a terrific method to include a video-like feel to the page.Get individual. Visitors are on the page to be familiar with your group, so share contact information or social icons for various members to motivate them to connect!When you’re commemorating your group, #ppppp> It’s so essential to have enjoyable. Utilize these examples to get motivated, and follow these basic ideas to take your Meet the Team page to the next level.